Metal Contaminated Halva Recalled


The UK Food Standards Agency reported that Monolith (UK) recalled Halva due to the possibility of containing small pieces of metal.  Monolith (UK) is a cash and carry wholesaler based in Barking, UK.  The Halva product is produced by Ukraine-based Zolotoi Vek and imported for sale in the United Kingdom.  The recalled Halva product is…

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59 Pastry Products Potentially Contaminated with Metal

Tesco, Aldi & Nisa Pastry’s Potential Metal Contamination On the 2nd June 2018, the Food Standards Agency announced that the Addo Food Group was recalling batches of chilled pastry products, including sausage rolls, pasties, pastry pies and slices because of potential contamination with small pieces of metal wire.  This is the latest food safety recall due…

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Getting Metal Out of Beer

Craft Beer

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors in a Brewery Thankfully, it is very unlikely that you will ever find a piece of metal in your glass of beer.  However, when tramp metal in the form of screws and nails is accidentally introduced during the brewing process, it damages processing equipment and can even affect the taste of…

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Review of the Bulk Solids and Powders Industry in Poland

Tom Higginbottom Attending the SyMas Exhibition Last week, our Sales Engineer Tom Higginbottom spent 2-days at the SyMas Bulk Solids and Powders exhibition in Krakow, Poland with Bunting’s local representative, TEKPRO.  Whilst at the show, he gained an insight into the present state of the market and potential opportunities for UK exporters. Tom gives us…

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Ingesting Metal Fragments Can Cause Injury states the FDA

Eating cereal

Solving the Problem of Metal Contamination in Food In a 10 page document, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declares that metal fragments in food may cause dental damage, lacerations of the mouth or throat, or laceration or perforation of the intestine.  They do not mention the untold damage to a company’s reputation and the…

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Getting Metal Out of Pet Food

Metal Contamination

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors in Pet Food Plant Ensuring Pet Food is metal free before it reaches the consumer is critical.  However, reports of foods being recalled due to metal contamination occur several times each year [Sainsbury warns of Metal in Bread, Jan 2016].  To assist processors and producers, Bunting has developed a series…

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The Damage of Metal Contaminated Food

The latest metal contaminated food scandal has hit a meat products producer in the USA, as reported by Food Safety News (September 3rd, 2015).  The consequence of the news report will be far reaching for Kenosha Beef International Ltd and will seriously affect the confidence of their customers.  The cost, in monetary terms, will also be…

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Metal Shards Contaminate Frozen Meat

Bunting in the USA report that consumers across the U.S. should check their refrigerators for recently recalled frozen meat products. A California company has been forced to recall frozen beef and pork products after a shard of metal wire was found in one of the products by an Illinois restaurant, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported. That…

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Recycling In England Slowly Up To 44.2% – CIWM ’14

“Recycling In England Slowly Inches Up To 44.2%” (Article in CIWM December 2014 issue page 8). The article discusses the 2013 recycling rates in England and the increase by 0.1% on 2012. Initial indications show that rates in the first part of 2014 have increased to 44.5%. So how does England compare with their EU…

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