Metal Separation at IERC 2018

Bunting Exhibiting at 17th IERC IERC or international electronics recycling congress , the first major recycling event of 2018, is being held in Salzburg, Austria between the 17th and 19th of January.  For the first time, Bunting Magnetics will have a stand at the event. During the 3 day congress, experts from around the world will…

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Metal Found in Chocolate Eclairs

Sainsbury & Morrisons Metal Contaminated Products The announcement of a Food Safety issue at any major supermarket is always cause for concern.  The latest ‘metal in food’ safety announcement relates to chilled desert products, such as chocolate eclairs and profiteroles, supplied by Bakkavor to Sainsbury and Morrisons in the UK. During the food manufacturing, it…

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Ferrous Metal Removal Before an Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator

Misconceptions About Eddy Current Separation – 4th of 5 This is the 4th in a short series of blogs discussing misconceptions about Eddy Current Separation.  Eddy Current Separators are used extensively throughout the recycling industry to separate non-ferrous metal (e.g. aluminium beverage cans, shredded aluminium and copper etc) from non-metallic materials. All Ferrous Metal Need…

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Metal Recovery from Old Landfill Tips

Overband Magnet Wheatway

Bunting Magnets Removing Steel from Old Landfill A single Cross Belt Overband Magnet and five Magnetic Separation Pulleys supplied by Bunting Magnetics have been installed by Wheatway of Gloucester on mobile screens owned and used by Cotswold Recycling Company Limited, based near Bristol.  The screens are being used as part of a process to rework an…

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