4 Metal Contaminated Food Alerts in 2018

By Paul Fears | 14 February 2019

Contaminated food in 2018 has been reported in four cases by the UK Food Standards Agency because of the existent on contaminant metals.  This compared with six alerts in 2017.  All four cases relate to food products that have either reached or have the potential to reach the consumer.

Metal Contaminated Food Warnings 2018

Fish cake and chips

The four cases where food was reported to be potentially contaminated with metal were:

How Does Metal Get Into Food?

Fine iron removed from rice

Fine iron removed from rice

There is always the potential of metal contaminating foods.  Metal can enter the food processing chain at a number of key points:

  • Transportation of the raw materials to the processing site.  Metal has been found in the backs of lorries used to transport raw materials to the processing plant.  This then enters at the start of the process;
  • Wear of processing plant.  As with any process, the equipment will be subjected to wear and tear.  Screens will break, pumps will fail and such occurrences may introduce metal into the process;
  • People.  Although many food processing plants now have strict rules regarding wearing and using metal items, accidents do occur.  Such metal contamination mishaps often occur during maintenance periods;

Preventing Metal Contamination Problems

Many food companies use a wide range of magnetic separators and metal detectors to find and remove metal contamination.  In 2018, Jordans Dorset Ryvita commissioned a magnetic separator audit of all the magnetic separators in their Poole facility.  The review highlighted areas where magnets were no longer effective due to changes in the process and technology.

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