Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

Bunting Magnetics also manufacture high quality products suitable for both the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

These are industries that take raw ingredients or chemicals and transform them in products that are consumable. There are usually multiple stages in this procedure, with each step often being lengthy and rightly subjected to strict controls for health and safety purposes. Every manufacturer wants to produce a product that is not only high quality and clean but also takes into account mounting costs. When it comes to food and pharmaceuticals, reputation is absolutely vital. Any damage to reputation, especially if it comes about from product recalls or something that has been perceived as ‘low quality’, can be hugely detrimental and sometimes irreversible. An area, where Bunting Magnetics can help by using its depth of knowledge and experience, is where unwanted metal contamination can accidentally make its way into a final product.

There are a number of ways in which metal contamination can make its way into food and pharmaceutical processes. One way might be from the ingredients or chemicals themselves as they are processed and transported from one location to another. Perhaps a more obvious way in which contaminants might find their way into a product is from the equipment and machinery used on the production lines. Equipment may see many years of action and with the passing of time be subject to general wear and tear including abrasion which might see certain pieces of machinery flaking off into the product. Vibration, over a long period of time could also be responsible for the loosening of nuts and bolts etc. while sub-standard employee practice and even environmental issues could also be possible causes of contamination.

Unfortunately, any metal that enters the product during the production line phase is likely to make its way through the system and end up in the final product. There are a whole host of reasons why this needs to be avoided from damaged equipment and necessary repairs contributing to factory downtime and the knock on effect of lost revenue. Whilst the repercussions of metal contaminated food or pharmaceuticals making it through quality control and out into the public sphere can be unimaginable. Possible damage to human health if a contaminated product is eaten or used can be devastating for all concerned and reputation damage may be irreparable.  However, these sorts of issues can and should (according to health & safety legislations) be avoidable and thankfully there are methods that can be employed to ensure that all measures are being fully met.

Magnetic separators and metal detectors can be used to help solve any problems caused by metal contamination. Through the use of the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, Bunting Magnetics have manufactured a range of magnetic separators featuring various sanitary designs. Depending on the application they are required for, these separators consist of permanent magnets (in various strengths) and magnetic material. Thanks to a strong magnetic field, tiny pieces of ferrous metal are attracted to the separator along with (in some cases) paramagnetic particles. Any metal picked up will then remain on the surface of the magnet until is cleaned – manually or automatically (this will largely depend on which magnetic separator has been employed). Different magnet set-ups will inevitably be needed for different processes and it’s possible that they may need to be used at several different points in production to ensure that removal of metal contaminants is optimum. There are other things that could influence the choice of magnetic separator, such as flow property of the materials and various kinds of operating conditions. If you are not sure which separator is the best one for your particular work environment, the team at Bunting Magnetics can certainly guide you to the most appropriate product as well as delivering sound advice regarding which areas of the workplace are likely to need such protection from metal contaminants.

Metal detectors are often teamed up with magnetic separators in these particular industries and the goal is always to remove all metal contamination that may not have been picked up by the magnets. However, unlike separators which remove only contamination that is ferrous, metal detectors can detect and pick up non-ferrous metals too. Installing detectors at various points along the production line will ensure the optimum level of decontamination. By combining the best of magnetic separation and metal detection, the overall result is impressive and delivers a complete solution for metal contamination in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. Companies can rest in the knowledge that they have covered all bases and adhered to all relevant regulations. If you need further advice or information with regards to which metal detectors are best for your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Bunting Magnetics.

Food & Pharmaceutical Magnetic Separators

Cartridge/Tube Magnets – These are permanent magnets and rod shaped. They are designed to remove fine ferrous material from free flowing products (wet or dry). Their primary function is as an inspection tool and also feature as the main magnet component in a variety of other magnetic separators.

Grate Magnets/Grid Magnets – Ideally suited to the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are constructed of Bunting Magnetics strong magnetic cartridges and as with tube magnets are useful for removing fine ferrous metals from things like grains and powders. Placed into ducts, hoppers and chutes in order to attract unwanted metal, they are available in several configurations, including rectangular, square and round.

HF Series Drawer Magnets – These magnets are designed to attract and capture ferrous metal debris from free flowing products (dry) that flow inside enclosed lines, either by mechanical flow or gravity. They have a handle system which makes them easy to inspect and also feature stacked grate magnets for optimum separation power. These particular magnets are available in a number of different configurations, some of which feature different cleaning methods. Manual and fully automatic pneumatic versions are also an option.

Plate Magnets – Placed either above or below the product flow, plate magnets capture fine ferrous material or even more significant pieces of tramp metal from free flowing granular materials. They work particularly well for damp/moist materials which might otherwise block grate magnets. If the flow is enclosed, then a plate in housing option can be used. Similar to the HF Series of magnets, they have both manual and pneumatic clean models.

In-Line Magnets (Gravity, Pneumatic & Centre Flow) – This is a range of magnets which is best suited to removing fine ferrous metal contamination from pipelines. Gravity-In-Line magnets as the name suggests are instrumental when the product falls under the gravity flow while Pneumatic-In-Line magnets are much more suited to pneumatic conveying systems. Both of these varieties implement the Bunting Magnetics Plate magnets in capturing the ferrous contaminants. There are also Centre Flow In-Line magnets which are sometimes called bullet magnets because of their ‘bullet’ like shape. These capture metal contaminant from product flow at the centre of pipes.

Magnetic Traps – These provide continuous magnetic protection for liquids such as chocolate etc. Cartridge magnets from Bunting Magnetics are used in magnetic traps using whichever configuration is the most applicable.

Magnetic Detectors for Food & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Bunting Magnetics offer a substantial range of metal detectors suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether it’s for a product with free flowing bulk material, liquid or a conveyed finish. Whatever metal contamination you are facing, we will be able to provide a suitable metal detector. The range of metal detectors for the food industry is as follows: Metron 05 Cl, Quicktron 05 A Rapid Reject, Quicktron 05 with Cowbell Diverter, Quicktron 05 RH, Metron CR, S-Tron and P-Tron-O. For the pharmaceutical industry, there is the Pharmatron.

For much more detailed information, please view the main metal detectors product page.