Manufacturers of Magnets UK

Bunting have been operating for more than 60 years and during that time have emerged as a world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent magnets UK, magnetisation and other magnetic systems. With a very experienced and knowledgeable technical team, it’s fair to say that Bunting are experts when it comes to magnets and their associated applications.

Bremag 10

Manufacturing plastic bonded magnets (Bremag 10) as well as designing and manufacturing for those who are seeking a bespoke service when it comes to magnetisation fixtures, we offer a wide range of configurations. With high quality service and ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditation combined with an enthusiastic passion for all things magnetic, Bunting offer all of the benefits and assurances required when seeking an established long term partner to supply all of your magnetic requirements. We can also call on a supremely reliable supply chain which enables the company to go on delivering high volume magnets in all of their various types and grades.

Bunting - Magnets UK

Bunting - Berkhamsted is just one part of the larger Bunting Group which has facilities for both sales and manufacturing across the world, including China, UK and the USA. Compression bonded magnets (BREMAG) have been manufactured at the European site since the latter part of the 1980’s. A second manufacturing plant was established in the USA in 1992 – this facility is now able to produce both compression and injection moulded NdFeB magnets UK – including BREMAG. During this time Bunting has grown significantly and gained a vast amount of experience in manufacturing. Combining this manufacturing excellence with other aspects of the business such as magnetisation and assembly as well as magnetic design means that Bunting is perfectly positioned to offer and deliver a complete solution to customers around the world.

Magnet Manufacturers

Manufacturing all of its own magnetising equipment and magnets UK, Bunting is able to supply customers with magnets as well as producing magnetic equipment for in house production and processes. There are several advantages to this in house production set-up as it means magnetising tooling can be developed for more complex magnetisation patterns like Halbach, post assembly magnetisation and multi-pole. Operating in house also means that the magnetisation processes can be monitored and controlled far more accurately. Building prototype magnetising tools for magnetising samples can happen fairly quickly in this environment and as soon as customers approve of the samples in question, the full production of these tools can move forward.

Thanks to a reduction in costs and an increase in performance, plastic bonded rare-earth magnets are becoming more and more popular for use in newly designed products. With high tolerance achieved, BREMAG plastic bonded magnets, which are compression moulded to net shape, don’t need any additional machining. In applications where weight and space are limited, the ability to miniaturise these magnets (because of high magnetic values and smaller size) make them an attractive prospect for customers. As well as offering standard grades, Bunting can also provide what are referred to as SB or special blended grades. These special blended grade magnets can be optimised (in terms of remanence and energy product) on request for specific or bespoke applications. The added bonus of this option, is that the product will still retain the same high resistance to demagnetisation as well as elevated temperature properties as the standard grade magnet. New isotropic and anisotropic powders are emerging that can be optimised for applications operating under high temperatures and high density.

In terms of production, it is perhaps far easier to magnetise the product in question after assembly has taken place. This effectively avoids any complications associated with the handling of high energy magnetised components whilst assembly is in process. However, pre-planning is absolutely crucial with magnetic product design because to tackle multi-pole magnetisation in a post assembly set-up can prove to be difficult and inconvenient. With a wealth of experience in all of these areas, Bunting are perfectly placed to offer advice regarding the best approaches and techniques, with BREMAG magnets proving to be ideal in these particular situations.

Plastic bonded magnets are easy to machine and combined with the reduced mass and the ability to prototype quickly, make them ideal for use in applications associated with automotive design. Being a UK magnet manufacturer, Bunting has a wide range of available tooling and can produce prototype samples without the often lengthy lead times that are frequently required for other materials. Due to their machinable qualities, plastic bonded magnets can quickly and efficiently have samples machined to size (when we may not have the correct size initially). There is no such luxury with magnets that are sintered or ceramic based.

For production, low cost locally supplied tooling and flexibility in magnetic properties and magnetisation profiles permit economic optimisation of system design, supported by our expertise in finite element and other analytical design tools.