Available Electronics

Bunting Magnetics Available Electronics

Advanced Metal Detector Controls that Deliver Superb Results

Each of Bunting’s metal detectors and metal separators are fitted with one of the three different available electronic controls. The controls for metal detectors will be specific to the system in question and indeed the application requirements.

07 Electronics

Metal separator for the inspection of granules and flakes in free fall.


  • Colour touch screen – easy to use
  • Increased security with dual entry user access system
  • Can store as many as 1,000 unique products with automatic product learning
  • USB interface – makes exchanging data such as backup, quality control logs & updates simple
  • Complies with quality surveillance rules according to HACCP, IFS, BRC, and SQF
  • imagePHASE™ - state of the art imaging software for products, delivering an increase in sensitivity and when product applications are difficult, superior learning
  • multiMODE™ - dual frequency provides greater versatility for the operator who can easily process, through the detector, a larger range of items. Switch between “fresh” & “frozen” with the push of a button
  • Force test alarm system – check that the metal detector is operational
  • Thanks to components that are network enabled, there are a number of available configurations, such as, control via Ethernet and remote monitoring
  • System is XML ready which allows the users to integrate it with existing processing equipment



05 Electronics

05 Electronics

  • Automatic product learning system enables as many as 200 unique products to be stored via SD card
  • The SD card interface also allows for simple data exchange – updates, quality control logs, back-up etc.
  • Touch panel control – this option features menus that are simple to access and use as well as quick access to operating parameters which can adjust operation and setup to users preferences
  • Eliminates false rejects with built in product-effect compensation system
  • Noise suppression – electronic interference is removed
  • Self-Monitoring system – lets users know if any of the involved components are not working effectively

03 Electronics

03 Electronics

  • Compact & simple control system
  • Sensitivities and reject parameters can be set by user
  • Allows for compensation of product effect
  • Standard self-diagnostics system
  • Suitable for use in the plastics industry
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