Cleaning Systems

Cleaning Systems

Protection against Ferrous and Nonferrous Debris

Gravity free-fall style metal separators are designed specifically to isolate and separate any contaminated material moving in the product flow. They do this as they automatically detect and pick up all kinds of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous from the product flow and it is all conducted without any interruption to the line process. This detector also works well as a CCP (Critical Control Point) as it picks up signs of metal in the free-falling product, so suitable for HACCP safety. The following products are suitable for industries such as plastics and recycling.

There are various ways in which magnetic and electronic separators can be combined to meet the relevant specifications or requirements in any given environment. Cleaning systems, do just this – combine magnetic and electronic separators, in order to provide the best possible protection against both ferrous and nonferrous debris. In terms of purifying recycled goods and regrind in the plastics industry, these cleaning systems are ideal.

Cleaning Systems

By combining magnetic and electronic separators together, cleaning systems are able to effectively remove contaminants that are either ferrous or nonferrous from things like recycled plastics, regrind and from free-flowing resins. They (the combination of separators) are particularly effective in situations where a single separator might get overwhelmed by the variety or volume of the metal debris. With a receiving hopper included, the steel framework is strong and delivers easy component access. The demands of specific applications can be met thanks to the combined force of the metal detectors and magnetic separators which form the cleaning systems.

  • The sensitivity can be adjusted and along with a rejection cycling feature helps to conserve the good material
  • The reject accuracy is improved thanks to the automatic product-effect compensation
  • Easy access to all components because of an open frame construction
  • There is a seal which prevents dust getting into the electronics

Continuous Cleaning Systems - Examples:

  • Duplex Separator, FF Drawer Magnet & Electronic HS Metal DetectorDuplex Separator

The draw magnet captures ferrous debris and this helps to reduce the amount of HS reject cycles required, which in turn helps to keep material waste to a minimum. Acting as a backup for eliminating ferrous debris, is the HS Detector, which also rejects other obvious contaminants which are nonferrous. As these two component separators work together, it is possible to remove virtually all tramp metal from your plastic processing operation.

Duplex Separator
  • By the Press Cleaning Station, Drum Separator & QT-03 Metal Detector

Metal separator for the examination of free falling bulk materials, fulfilling even most stringent hygiene requirements.

Cleaning Station
Ferrous and nonferrous metals are detected and rejected by the electronic metal detector. It can be adjusted for sensitivity and it also features an efficient and speedy rejection function.

Press Cleaning Station