Metal Found in Ben & Jerry's Icecream

By buntingeurope | 28 September 2016

The Latest Metal-in-Food Health Scare

The BBC has reported that ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has had to recall tubs of ‘Cookie Dough’ as they may contain fragments of metal.  The exact number that may be contaminated is unclear and consumers are being told to discard the tubs.

Ben & Jerry’s is widely regarded as a premium brand of ice cream and so how could metal end up in the end product?

Metal contamination can be introduced into a food process at a number of weak points.  The metal could have been:

  • Present in the ingredients when delivered to the factory (eg sugar);
  • Introduced with the ingredients at the beginning of the process;
  • Originated from worn or broken processing equipment (eg a broken screen or worn pump);
  • Accidentally introduced during maintenance (eg a metal item being dropped into the process);

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Irrespective where the metal was introduced, there should be a number of safeguards against the metal-contaminated ice cream leaving the factory.  These include:

  • Magnetic Separators at various stages in the process to capture metal.  In the case of ice cream, Magnetic Separators would be located:
  • Later in the process, especially once the product is packaged in the tub, Metal Detectors are used to identify the presence of metal;

Other Food Safety reports relating to Metal-in-Food include:

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