Where are Magnets in Kitchens?

By Paul Fears | 27 May 2016

Magnets are used everywhere!  In fact, magnets are a little like rats as you are probably never more than 5m away from one!

Kitchen Cupboard Catche Magnets
Magnetic Catch

A normal kitchen is full of magnets.  There are the obvious applications where Magnets are used to stick messages on the door of the fridge and dishwasher, and then there are the ones hidden away in your cupboards.

Magnetic Catches

Many manufacturers of kitchens design their cabinets and drawers to close with the assistance of a Magnet.  The magnetic field pulls the door or drawer closed softly and securely.  Magnetic catches are nothing new and Bunting has been supplying them since the 1950s.  And there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and the strongest types have a magnetic holding force of 8kg.

4 magnetic catches
Magnetic Catches supplied by eMagnets UK for fixing on cupboard doors in kitchens, bedrooms and on other furniture.

The Elite Range of Magnetic Catches is the premium magnetic catch dedicated for high end bespoke furniture and bespoke kitchens, custom built boats and ships, made to measure cabinets, etc. For an aesthetic top quality finish the Elite catches are the first choice, especially for the bespoke kitchen market. The Elite catches are silent in operation as they can work through air gaps (so the surfaces do not have to touch). They are also easy to install and give a professional quality finish.

In fact, it is amazing where Magnetic Catches are used and they can not only be found in the kitchen but also around the home, at work, in the office, in public buildings and even on boats and moving applications. They can be used in furniture such as cupboards, doors, frames, panels, boards, displays, etc. The catches can be used to keep doors and cupboards closed on even in some applications open (e.g. door stops).

As stated earlier, you are probably a maximum of 5m away from a Magnet as you read this!

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