Bunting supplies magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies for commercial and military aerospace partners with some bespoke components supplied into the satellite industry.

At Bunting we understand that the Aerospace market requires the full spectrum of magnetic material capabilities and so works with its partners to source the right materials for a specific application. By choosing the right products this naturally leads to a high level of reliability without the need for excessive inspection.

These applications include;

  • Position sensors, AlNiCo etc.
  • Flight Surface Control and Actuation
  • Fuel Pumping Systems.
  • Electrical Power Generation, Waste Heat to Power or Direct Drive.

Dependant on the requirement, we can produce ITAR and non ITAR compliant components and link in to the AS9100 quality standards as necessary. Downstream processes after the magnets have been produced include;

  • Chemical Impregnation
  • Magnetic stabilisation
  • Bespoke coatings
  • Mass balancing prior to assembly
  • Post assembly magnetisers and fixtures with integrated search coils.

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