BMCS Magnet Setter


  • Voltage Range 0 – 1000V
  • Energy 100 - 200J
  • Mag / Demag Operating Modes
  • For Production or Laboratory Use
  • Optional Dual Fixture Outputs
  • Optional automatic calibration
Bunting Magnetiser - Magnet Setter

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Machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation


The BMCS range of magnet setters are machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets. The magnet setters utilise capacitor discharge technology to generate either a pulsed magnetising or demagnetising field inside the fixture bore.

In the “Mag” mode, the machine will deliver the full charge to the magnetising fixture, while in the “Demag” mode, the polarity of the magnetising field is automatically reversed and level of demagnetisation controlled by the dial on the control panel.

Used in conjunction with a suitable magnet measurement system, these magnet setters can be used to calibrate a magnet to specific working point.

Machines Physical Specifications

520mm wide x 600mm deep x 286mm high.
Max overall weight 25kg

Available options with Standard Machine

The following features can be ordered with standard machine

  • Digital Display of voltage set point
  • Two Fixture Outputs
  • Automatic Calibration