BMCL Series - Laboratory / Volume Small Part Production

The BMCL Series is ideally suited for laboratories or small-part production. They have a workbench area on top of the unit where the fixtures are placed for operation and either hard wired in for permanent installations or connected by quick release plugs for environments where many different fixtures may be used. They can be fitted with a standard push button control panel or with an HMI Interface if preferred.

Standard safety interlocks prevent fixtures from being operated when over temperature.

For situations where multiple magnetizing fixtures may be used, additional safety interlocks are recommended. The process of setting individual fixture parameters can be automated such that all the operating parameters are stored in the fixture control plug, which once connected to the magnetizer, automatically sets the machine ready for production. This prevents fixtures from ever being operated at too high a voltage or when over temperature which could damage the magnetizing fixture.

These magnetizers are particular suitable for magnetizing small multipole magnets up to diameters of approximately 50mm, fine pole pitch magnetisation, and more general 2 pole magnetization of most permanent magnet materials including rare earths.

Our Magnetiser Range:

High Energy Industrial Range

Laboratory/Bench Top Magnetisers

Machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation


Key Benefits

Laboratory / Volume Small Part Production

Desktop / WorkStation Design

Quick release fixture outputs for highly flexible operation

Optional Automated Fixture Setting Feature

PLC controlled with remote LAN access for maintenance or production control


Power Supply: 110Vac /230Vac

Standard Output Voltages: 3000V

Discharge Energy: 1 – 4kJ

Maximum Peak Current: ~20kA

Charge Rate: 500J/s

Standard PLC Controller Siemens s7-1200

Typical Applications

Small NdFeB / SmCo Magnets

Ferrite and AlNiCo Magnets

Multipole Rings or Rotors up to ~50mm

Encoder / Sensor Magnetization