Speaker Systems

Speakers have been utilising permanent magnets since 1930 and in the last 87 years the core technology has remained largely unchanged. However, with the advent of new materials and ever increasing strength of Neodymium magnets the speaker is constantly been re-invented. None more striking than the B&W Nautilus, now superseded in terms of audio quality but still at the pinnacle of design.

Bunting provide many speaker magnet systems from a simple magnet to a complex magnetic assembly and the necessary magnetising system required to facilitate easy assembly.

Speaker Systems

Speaker applications include;

  • Axial Magnets
    • Pinch Field Driver
    • Voice Coil
  • Radial Magnets – Pure Radial Driver
  • Tweeters
    • Regular
    • Planar Magnetic

We offer design and FEA modelling solutions to enable cost effective and rapid design and development of virtual speaker sets so that only a final prototype system needs to be built to facilitate a new design, saving considerable expense.


Typical Services include;

  • Magnet Supply – All Materials
    • Tolerance Control
    • Magnetic Property Control
  • Design Services – FEA
  • Magnetic Assembly
  • Magnetisers and Bespoke Fixtures.

We also offer advice on incorporating new materials like the Soft Magnetic Composites, typically used in motor systems to reduce eddy currents but also usable in speaker systems, especially post assembly magnetised systems, to reduce eddy currents and transient effects.

As speakers are constantly improved and made thinner, magnet systems have evolved to meet these needs and Bunting are available to help with whatever your design may need, please contact us for more information on how we can help your project move forward.