Halbach Magnetising Fixture

Halbach multipole magnetising fixtures differ from conventional multipole fixtures in that they are designed specifically to produce a Halbach magnetisation distribution in the permanent magnet material or assembly. They are best suited to magnetising isotropic magnets where the direction of magnetisation is defined by the magnetising fixture rather than the anisotropy of the magnet, however they can also be used for quasi-halbach permanent magnet assemblies constructed from un magnetised anisotropic magnet segments.

Halbach fixture multipole designs can be applied to radial, axial or planar magnet fixture designs.

Halbach Magnetising Fixture
Halbach Magnetising Fixture


  • Halbach Magnetisation
  • Sinusoidal airgap flux density
  • Low Cogging Torque
  • Reduced Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Post assembly magnetisation


  • Minimum pole pitch typically 3mm
  • Optional skewed magnetisation


  • Water or air cooling available
  • Over Temperature Trips
  • Magnet positional sensors
  • Inbuilt search Coils for online magnet testing