Internal Radial Multipole Fixture

Internal radial multipole magnetising fixtures are designed to produce a multipole radial field on the internal diameter of a ring magnet or magnet assembly such as the rotor of an exterior rotor permanent magnet machine, permanent magnet stators or flywheels. They are optimised to produce a sharp a pole transition as possible within the constraints of the magnet size or pole number.

The big advantages are that permanent magnet assemblies can be assembled un-magnetised avoiding safety and issues with the handling high energy magnets, and significantly reducing assembly times. Multipole fixtures can be used on assemblies that are constructed from either anisotropic or isotropic magnets, radial rings or pre-aligned segments. They can also be used to re-magnetise assemblies that have been thermally demagnetised.


  • Ring Magnets
  • Permanent Magnet Rotors or Stators
  • Flywheels
  • Post Assembly Magnetisation


  • Minimum pole pitch typically 3mm
  • Optional skewed magnetisation


  • Water or air cooling available
  • Over Temperature Trips
  • Magnet positional sensors
  • Inbuilt search Coils for online magnet testing