Axial Field Multipole Fixture

Axial field multipole magnetising fixtures are designed to produce a multipole axial field on the face of a ring, disc or block magnet. They are particular suitable for many applications from axial field permanent magnet rotors to sensors or encoders discs with high pole numbers. Very high precision or very small pole pitches refer to our range of Fine Pole Pitch Magnetising Fixtures. They are optimised to produce a sharp a pole transition as possible within the constraints of the magnet size or pole number.

Very thick magnets, or magnets where the magnetic field strength is required on both opposing faces, double sided axial field fixtures can be used where the fixture coils are placed above and below the magnet faces.

Internal Radial Multipole Fixture


  • Ring or disc magnets
  • Axial field permanent magnet rotors
  • Sensors or encoders


  • Minimum pole pitch typically 3mm


  • Water or air cooling available
  • Over Temperature Trips