Where to see Bunting-Berkhamsted in 2024

By Paul Fears | 08 January 2024

Bunting’s diverse range of magnets and magnetic equipment are on show at European exhibitions in 2024.  As of January 2024, Bunting-Berkhamsted is exhibiting at the following shows and conferences:

kbb Birmingham (3-6 March – Birmingham, UK)

The kbb Birmingham show is the UK’s leading international event for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sectors.  At the show, Bunting is displaying a selection of their Magnetic Catch product portfolio.  Bunting’s Magnetic Catches are designed to meet the needs of even the most discerning furniture makers.  The popular Elite range of catches is stylish, durable and easy to install.  Elite catches are available in various finishes to complement any furniture style, and are used in a wide range of applications, from kitchen cabinets to high-end bedroom furniture.

In addition to the Elite range, Bunting also offers a variety of other high-quality magnetic catches for furniture, including general-purpose, clip-in, surface-mounted, and knock-in catches.

PCIM Europe (11-13 June 2024 – Nuremberg, Germany)

PCIM Europe is the leading international exhibition and conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.  Bunting work across the sectors, with soft magnetics, magnetic assemblies and magnetisers, which will all be featured on stand 501 in hall 9.

Bunting at PCIM 2022

Soft magnetic materials are those that can be easily magnetised and demagnetised and their primary use is to enhance and/or channel the flux produced by an electric current.

ICEM International Conference of Electrical Machines (1-4 September 2024 – Torino, Italy)

ICEM is a brand of Association “International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)” that has been organising and co-ordinating international scientific conferences since the 1970’s.  The conference features technical papers presented by experts in the industry and awards.

Electric machines consume the world’s largest quantity of permanent magnetic materials, with electric motors using permanent magnets in addition to windings.  The combination of a permanent magnet plus a winding produces a higher efficiency motor design than induction motors or motors with field windings for certain high-efficiency applications such as electric vehicles and small electric motors such as found on drones and in car windshield wipers.

Bunting is showcasing magnets, magnet assemblies, advanced magnetising equipment, and new magnetising techniques for enhanced magnetic component performance on stand 6-D30.  Recent developments include the development of an industrial magnetiser for the Ford Motor Company’s electric Transit project.

UK Magnetics Society Events

AS in previous years, Bunting continues to support the UK Magnetics Society at various events throughout 2024. The society’s chair and Bunting’s Technical Products Manager, Matthew Swallow, advocates greater cooperation with the magnetics community, harnessing the knowledge and experience needed to develop new magnetic concepts especially for ‘green’ technology.

Linear and Rotating Machines 2024

Electric Machines are at the very forefront of magnetic related engineering and development. One of our goals is to compliment the fantastic work that already takes place in promoting Electric Machines while fulfilling our responsibility to disseminate the latest technical information to the magnetics community.

The Magnetics Show Europe 2024 (10-11 December, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Bunting’s magnet experts are advisory board members of the inaugural The Magnetics Show Europe 2024 (10-11 December, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).  The show aims to bridge gaps in the magnet supply chain and highlight the role of the magnet in an energy-efficient future.  The Magnetics Show is the leading global event for the industry, fostering collaboration and highlighting material repurposing.  The 2024 show features two conferences and an exhibition.

Seeing Is Believing

In 2024, Bunting continues to showcase magnetic technology, from basic permanent magnets through to complex bespoke industrial magnetising equipment.  The team looks forward to meeting existing and new clients at the shows.

Magnet and Magnet Assembly Design

Bunting designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of soft magnetics, magnets, magnet setters, magnetisers, and magnetic assemblies.  Many are bespoke for specific applications.  For further information on any of the products mentioned in this article, or for bespoke magnet assemblies and magnet designs, please contact us via:

Phone:  +44 (0) 1442 875081

Email:  sales.berkhamsted@buntingmagnetics.com

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