New Neodymium Magnet at Sensors & Instrumentation ’17

Magnetic Analyser

Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies on the Bunting Stand The latest in Magnet and Magnetic Technology will be on display on the Bunting Magnetics Europe stand (Hall 1, K19) at Sensors & Instrumentation 2017 (NEC, Birmingham, UK, 26th – 27th September 2017). Bunting Magnetics is a world leader in the supply of Magnets, Technical Magnetic Assemblies,…

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Electric Vehicles Drive Up Rare Earth Magnets Prices

Rare Earth Minerals

Prices of Neodymium Magnets Increase The price of rare earth minerals, used in the production of Rare Earth Magnets such as Neodymium, is trading at nearly double the 2016 average (as of August 2017).  This alarming increase is believed to be driven by an expansion in electric vehicles and renewable energy. At the end of…

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Can UK Metal Packaging Recycling Increase by 10% by 2020?

Are Revised Beverage Can Recycling Targets Realistic? Every year, consumers in the UK use approximately 14 billion steel and aluminium beverage cans.  Of these, approximately 59% are presently recycled.  In the March 2017 budget, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced new targets for 2020, with the metal packaging recycling rate rising to 69%.  We investigate whether this…

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Getting Metal Out of Plastic – Bunting Stand Interplas ’17

Bunting’s Magnetic Separators, UK Plastics Show The latest Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection technology will be on display on the Bunting Magnetics Europe stand (Hall 4, Stand H11) at Interplas 2017 (NEC, Birmingham, UK, 26th – 28th September 2017). Bunting Magnetics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  The…

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