Ferrite Magnet Price Trends


Updated 4th August 2022 The Strontium Ferrite (SrFe12O19) permanent magnet (also known as a ceramic magnet) is the most commonly used magnet material. Each Ferrite Magnet consists of approximately 90% iron oxide and 10% strontium carbonate. Since March 2022, the price of Strontium Carbonate has stablised, although it remains 2.4 times higher than in January…

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Neodymium Price Trends

Neodymium Prices

Updated 3rd November 2022 In September 2022, Neodymium prices bottomed out at the lowest level since October 2021, but have since steadily risen. The price now stands at 914,000 CNY/T and is, once again, projected to rise further and exceed the 1,000,000 mark. The rise in Neodymium price over the past 24 months is highlighted…

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Bunting-Berkhamsted 2020 Review

Bunting Berkhamsted 2020 photos

On January 1st, nobody could have predicted the challenges businesses would face in 2020. Despite the restrictions and obstacles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies adapted and continued to design and manufacture as they supported customers. December provides the ideal opportunity to reflect on many of Bunting-Berkhamsted’s positive news stories shared in 2020. A Positive…

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Bunting Europe Announces Record Monthly Sales

Continued UK Manufacturing Success for Bunting Bunting has had two consecutive months of record sales in September and October 2017. The latest announcement of record monthly sales follows a prolonged period of growth.  Sales in 2016 reached a record high for the European operation and in January Bunting announced the acquisition of UK magnetic separator…

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Record Sales Month for Bunting

Magnet and Magnetic Separator Manufacturer Hits New Heights We are thrilled to announce that we recorded our highest ever monthly sales in September 2016.  The end-of-month sales figure surpassed seven digits and exceeded the previous highest month by 10%. Simon Ayling, our Managing Director, explained the reasons for the continued growth. “September 2016 was the…

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