Medical devices are becoming ever more complex and due the rapid growth in magnet material development and UK based assembly techniques they are incorporating more magnetic materials than ever before.

Bunting Magnetics is a proud partner of some lifesaving and life altering medical treatments and it is our passion for quality that allows us to deliver novel and effective solutions into this industry. Development in this area is driven by people with a shared passion for improving the lives of others.

Areas we have helped include;

  • In heart pumps,
  • Surgical tools including;
    • High speed small diameter drills,
  • Permanent Magnet MRI – Magic Angle Systems
  • Speech therapy aids
  • Hearing Aid Systems
  • Bespoke Motor and Actuation Systems
  • Sensors – Body compatibility coated.

Bunting Magnetics understands the need for rigours material traceability and quality control in the medical sector and is able to provide full certification for the magnet materials we use as well as the highly critical body compatible coatings employed, like Paralyne and silicon.
Our recognised expertise in the medical sector makes us the number one choice for developmental magnets.


Options for these magnets include;

  • Fully traceable Medical Silicon coatings
  • Production volume Paralyne coatings.
  • Bespoke magnet shapes for challenging environments.
  • Use standard and bespoke magnetisers for post assembly clean room charging.
  • 100% inspection
    • Magnetic
    • Mechanical
    • Coating Homogeneity

Much like any industry it is important to design systems with the space available envelope in mind, however with medical devices having some of the most size critical boundaries it is highly beneficial if the team of design and production engineers at bunting are engaged in the design process at the outset so that the right advice is received and incorporated. This shortens development time frames and reduces certification timescales.

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