Matthew Swallow Opens The Magnetics Show North America

By Paul Fears | 01 May 2024

Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Products Manager and the current Chair of the UK Magnetics Society, is delivering the opening address at The Magnetics Show North America (22-23 May 2014, The Pasadena Convention Center, California, USA).  The topic of his address is ‘Rare Earths – A power to change the world’.

Matthew Swallow at Coiltech Italia
Matthew Swallow at Coiltech Italia

The Magnetics Show North America brings together the global magnetics community.  Presentations at the conference highlight the diverse range of applications and the continued growing importance of magnets for innovation and energy conservation.  The show’s exhibition showcases leading organisations in the magnetics world with the Bunting team in booth 617.

Matthew’s opening address focuses on his passion for magnetics and the technological advances he has seen and been involved with in his career.  As Matthew explains, it is impossible to talk about magnetics without specifically referring to Neodymium Iron Boron and the magnet’s inventor Masato Sagawa.

Matthew also talks about advances in NdFeB magnets, which are addressing concerns about price and long-term raw material availability, whilst boosting performance.  The demand for rare earth magnets continues to grow, with an expanding range of applications, many of which are environmentally-led.

The Conference Programme

Matthew’s opening address is followed by a comprehensive conference programme from many leading figures within the magnetics industry.  The topics under discussion include magnet recycling, supply chain challenges, and regulations.

“The Magnetics Show North America brings the magnet community together,” explained Matthew.  “The demand for and importance of magnets, especially NdFeB, has never been greater and this event provides the platform for open discussion and learning.”

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