Exhibitions for Bunting in 2017

Where Bunting Will Showcase Metal Detectors in 2017 After a successful series of exhibitions and conferences in 2016, we have planned a very busy schedule for 2017.  The provisional plan is: Arabplast (Dubai, UAE, 8-10 January) This plastics industry focused show in the Middle East proved to be really successful.  Not only did we develop…

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Sales Growth for Bunting Europe in 2016

Record 2016 Performance Despite Challenging Environments “Our success in 2016 is built on the sales and marketing foundations built over the past three years,” reported Simon Ayling, Bunting Europe’s Managing Director, Bunting Europe has reported another year of growth in 2016, with a record level of sales recorded in September 2016. “Despite the political and…

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Magnets and Magnetics at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017

Neodymium Magnets and Magnetic Chucks on the Bunting-eMagnets Stand Bunting-eMagnets UK will be magnetically attracting visitors to stand U74 at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March 2017).  On the stand will be a range of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Magnetic Factory Solutions, and Magnetic Separators. With…

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Magnetic Separators at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

Metal Separation Solutions from Bunting Magnetics A range of Bunting Magnetic Separators will be displayed on stand U74 at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March 2017). Magnetic Separators are used extensively in the process industry to capture problematic ferrous and magnetically-susceptible materials.  At the exhibition, Bunting…

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We Guarantee 100% Metal Separation

7th of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths In the perfect world, installing a Magnetic Separator will enable 100% metal separation with 0% product loss.  However, is this even remotely possible? Often as part of a project specification, there will be a question asking about the level and percentage of metal separation.  In some projects, the expected…

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Offshore Winch Eddy Current Brake with Magnetic Powers

Magnet Assembly

Bunting’s magnet product design team were contacted and asked to manufacture a Magnet Assembly that would act as an emergency eddy current brake on an offshore winch. The original design called up bespoke Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets with a strength of 50MGOe (MegaGauss oersted).  Such an assembly had an ten-week lead time, which was too…

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Overseas Exhibition Success at Arabplast for Bunting

Sales Made on the Stand at Dubai Plastics Show When display equipment is bought and paid for at the exhibition, you know that it has been a good show. This was the first time that Bunting Europe had attended any exhibition in the Middle East.  With a focus on plastics, Arabplast was the ideal show…

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Car Roof Top Magnets

Taxi Car Roof Top Magnets

Clamping Magnets for Cars and Taxis This is one of those Magnets that is used globally, but nobody really notices.  The Car Roof Top Magnet, commonly used by Taxi drivers around the world. The Car Roof Top Magnet is designed for applications where high shear strength is required with minimum scratching.  It is a magnetic…

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Bunting Acquires Master Magnets

UK Magnetic Manufacturer Joins Global Bunting Operation In a momentous agreement, Bunting® Magnetics Co. announces the signing of an agreement to acquire Master Magnets Ltd.  Master Magnets is a UK-based manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment.  Based in Redditch, United Kingdom, Master Magnets Ltd manufactures an extensive range of permanent and electro magnetic separation equipment, and…

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Magnetic Sweeper Sweeps Away Metal

magnetic sweeper

Metal Health and Safety Hazard Removed Magnetically Metal on the floor at a factory, warehouse or in a car park can be a nightmare.  Not only can the metal puncture tyres, but it is a health and safety hazard.  The Magnetic Sweeper solves that problem. Magnetic Sweepers are simple permanent magnet devices either used with…

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