Magnetic Sweeper Sweeps Away Metal

By Paul Fears | 06 January 2017

Metal Health and Safety Hazard Removed Magnetically

Metal on the floor at a factory, warehouse or in a car park can be a nightmare.  Not only can the metal puncture tyres, but it is a health and safety hazard.  The Magnetic Sweeper solves that problem.

Magnetic Sweepers are simple permanent magnet devices either used with a handle by the workforce, or fixed onto the forks of a forklift truck.  The Magnetic Sweeper is moved across the floor and any ferrous metal is attracted up onto the face of the magnet and held.  After a single use, the captured ferrous metal is manually removed.  Types of metal separated by the Magnetic Sweeper include swarf, nails, bolts, washers, mild steel shards, scrap iron, nuts, iron filings, and screws.

Bunting market a range of Magnetic Sweepers via the e-Magnets UK website and most models are available ex-stock.  One of the most popular models is the model MS1250 Magnetic Sweeper.  The 1250mm wide Permanent Magnet of the Magnetic Sweeper is mounted on two elastic rubber wheels (with a cast iron shaft) and sweeps approximately 44mm above the surface of the floor.  The height is adjustable, on request, to suit specific applications by approximately 20mm higher or lower.

The model MS1250 Magnetic Sweeper is designed for use handheld by an operator or fixed onto the front of a forklift.

When used by an operator, the handle of the shaft connected to the main Permanent Magnet is approximately 750mm off the ground and about 750mm away from the magnetic base, allowing ease of holding whilst walking.

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Two fixings on the top of the Magnetic Sweeper accept the forks from a forklift truck.  Fixing bolts secure the forks safely to the Permanent Magnet.  The Magnetic Sweeper is easily driven around larger areas, such as car parks, driveways and loading bays, collecting any damaging ferrous metal detritus present on the floor.

Once collected on the face of the Permanent Magnet, the captured ferrous metal can be easily cleaned from the protective stainless steel casing with a heavy-duty cloth, wooden or plastic scraper, or spatula.  Gloves are recommended to be used at all times.

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