Magnets Help Santa Deliver Presents

By Paul Fears | 15 December 2016

Every year, Santa Claus is faced with the seemingly impossible challenge of delivering presents to children around the world in one night.  Thankfully, his task is made so much easier by using Magnet technology.  

Magnets Help Reindeer Fly

Eddy Current technology is what actually makes Reindeer fly.  Each Reindeer wears aluminium horse shoes.  The continued high-speed circular motion of these shoes interacts with the Earth’s Magnetic Field, generating a magnetic field in the aluminium that itself creates a magnetic field.  The magnetic field from the Reindeer’s aluminium shoes is always in opposition to the Earth’s magnetic field, repelling the Reindeer and keeping them flying high in the sky.  The same concept as an Eddy Current Separator, which is used to recycle aluminium cans.

Magnets Help Santa Deliver Presents and Reindeer Fly

Magnet Navigation System

Santa’s home in the North Pole is heavily disguised and can be difficult to find after a long night out delivering presents.  Thankfully, Santa has a precisely tuned compass to guide him around the world and back home safely.

The Sleigh’s Backup Magnet Drive System

Underneath Santa’s sleigh is a turbofan, in place just in case the reindeers suddenly tire.  The Turbofan uses permanent magnets to charge the battery pack while the sleigh is in decent, giving that extra boost of energy when needed.  This same principal is used to keep all the batteries in toys fully charged for opening on Christmas Day.

Magnet Debris Catcher

Very much like the spaceship presently in orbit collecting space debris, Santa’s sleigh has a Magnetic Debris Catcher in front of the reindeers.  However, due to the sleigh’s high speed, the catcher and the captured metal gets very hot and goes red.  Hence the reason for the lead Reindeer, Rudolph, having a red nose.

Magnet present delivery mechanism

Getting up and down chimneys has become increasingly difficult for Santa and so he asked his elves to find a way to make it easier.  The elves contacted Bunting’s magnet engineers who designed a switchable permanent holding lifting magnet system.  Presents with invisible magnetic plates are now attached to the holding magnet and then fed down the chimney and under the tree.  Chimney challenges for Santa are now a thing of the past.

With our Magnet Technology, we at Bunting are thrilled to have helped keep Santa Claus safe and ensure that all those children retain the magic of Christmas.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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Magnets Help Santa Deliver Presents
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