Pumps and Pumping Systems

Magnets are used extensively in pumping systems and virtually every industrial sector will be touched by magnetic pumping systems whether actively or passively.

Pumps can utilise any type of magnet material, with the best pumps using the right material for the right application and involving Bunting in the initial design phase so that the optimum solution can be found.
magnetic pumping systems

  • High speed pumping
    • Low Mass Neo
    • Containment
      • Carbon Fibre
      • Inconel
  • Aggressive media pumping
    • PEEK over moulded magnets
    • Ferrite Injection Moulded Magnets (already rusted to Fe2O3)
    • Inconel Containment
  • Aerospace fluid pumping
    • Magentic stabilisation
    • AS9100 controlled magnets
    • Samarium cobalt – low rate of change of performance material.
  • Automotive fluid pumping
    • Low cost
    • Single part, magnetised in assembly
    • Long life

Bunting Magnetics can help produce magnetic assemblies in addition to the supply of our standard range of Magnetisers and bespoke fixtures to facilitate volume production and high levels of repeatability.

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