BMC Series - Industrial Range

The BMC Series is our standard range of industrial magnetisers, originally designed to meet the higher energy demands of the some of the more complex industrial applications. It has a modular construction which allows these magnetisers to be supplied with a wide range of energy levels with different voltage and capacitance configurations depending on the application, and with multiple magnetising fixture outputs. They are PLC controlled and can be interfaced with customers own production systems. These magnetisers are suitable for most industrial applications from simple 2 pole fixtures to high energy multi-pole magnetisation such as flywheels, permanent magnet rotors or traction motors

Key Benefits

Rugged Industrial Design

Modular Construction for wide range of energy levels

Voltage and capacitance can be optimised for slow or fast pulse waveforms

PLC controlled with remote LAN access for maintenance or production control

Multiple fixture outputs for more flexible operation


Power Supply: 3 Phase, 400V, 20A

Standard Output Voltages: 800V, 3000V, or 5000V

Discharge Energy: up to 100kJ

Maximum Peak Current: ~35kA

Charge Rate: 6kJ/s

Standard PLC Controller Siemens s7-1200

Typical Applications

Large NdFeB / SmCo Blocks

Loudspeaker Magnet Assemblies

Permanent Magnet Rotors

Traction Motor Assemblies

Flywheel Rotor

Magnetic Bearings