Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnets or Ceramic Magnets are lower cost magnets often used in high volume applications such as: switches, speakers, holding magnets and electric motors. They are also popular due excellent resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation and can operate in temperatures up to 300C.



  • All Ferrite Grades available, including Isotropic and Anisotropic.
  • Suitable for high volume applications.
  • High working temperatures, typically up to 300C
  • High resistance to corrosion, they cannot corrode in water.
  • Ideally suited to use in motors, loudspeakers, clamping devices and for use with reed switches.
  • Certificates of Conformity, MSDS and PPAP’s available.


Ferrite Magnets can be made in many shapes and sizes. Off tool tolerances can be +/- 3%, but they can be ground to accurate and intricate shapes. Very small magnets to high tolerances are available for micro applications. Please call or contact us for your specific requirements or for any technical assistance. UK stock holding for Kanban / JIT deliveries is available. All customer specific magnets are inspected at our UK magnetic inspection facility. For full details of our capabilities visit: bunting-berkhamsted.com/magnets-experts

Standard stock available online for next day delivery from www.e-magnetsuk.com