Permanent Magnets

Bunting offers a complete range of industrial magnets, magnet materials and magnet production techniques. With factories in the UK, USA and offices in China, Italy and Germany we are a world leader in the supply of all magnet materials; for both high and low volumes.

Buntings team of Engineers and technical experts, with industry-leading experts are here to help with:

  • Selection of the correct grade of the magnet.
  • Cost reduction, by analysing the use and application of the magnet.
  • Supply Chain Management. UK Quality control and stockholding – Kanban / JIT deliveries.
  • Helping design your magnet system


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Market Leader in Magnetic Technologies

Bunting is a leader in the new magnetic technologies that are being developed, such as:

  • Fully Radially Aligned Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
  • Grain Boundary Diffusion
  • The latest highest strength grades
  • High holding force industrial Magnets for the Automotive Industry
  • Very stable magnet technology for Aerospace applications.

We also have millions of magnets in stock for next-day delivery, which can be purchased online at:

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With an exceptionally strong technical team and 60 years of experience, we understand magnets and their applications. All our magnets and industrial magnets are from our own factories or trusted partners who are audited and accredited to ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001. Our ISO9001 quality systems ensure we batch check all customer-specified magnets for both their magnetic and physical properties.