Sensor Magnets

Magnets have been used in sensing applications for decades and while the technology has changed little in that time, the huge range of magnet materials and magnetising options have meant that magnetic sensing has kept up with moving technology.

Nearly all position and rotational sensors require a bespoke magnetising fixture to take full advantage of the nature of the material and Bunting have been producing these in house for our own range of bonded Neo , BREMAG, for the last 30 years. These bespoke fixtures along with standard magnetisers are available direct from Bunting.


Sensor applications & discussions for sensors are typically;

  • Linear Magnetic Position Sensor
  • Rotary Magnetic Position Sensor
  • Linear incremental (off-axis) position sensor
    • Multipole magnet strip
  • 3D location
  • Speed
    • Linear
    • Rotary
  • Proximity
  • Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    • Radially Aligned Rings
    • Multi Polar Radially Aligned Rings
  • Wear Indication
    • Bearings
    • Linear and Rotary
  • Vibration Level
  • Coded Magnets
  • Effect of Direction of Magnetism on positional Accuracy
  • Effect of material variation
  • Effect of concentricity and accuracy of over laid magnetic pattern on position.
  • Pole pitch control
  • Coatings
  • Magnetic calibration
  • Post assembly magnetising

To learn more about how we can optimise a magnet system to your sensor application and how we can develop the required magnetising system please call our dedicated engineering support staff.