Magnetising Equipment

  • Only Company to make Magnets as well as Magnetisers
  • Modular Design, Bespoke Solutions
  • 60 Years Experience

Our Magnetiser Range:

High Energy Industrial Range

Laboratory/Bench Top Magnetisers

Machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

Bunting is the only company to design and manufacture magnetising equipment for magnet assemblies and that manufactures both magnets and magnet assemblies. This unique combination brings together magnet and magnetic design engineers with the ability to design complex bespoke magnetisers for a wide range of applications. Recent projects include a bespoke magnetiser for a global white goods manufacturer and several magnetisers for research institutions and universities.

The Bunting range of magnetisers includes the high-energy industrial BMC Series, bench-top and laboratory models, as well as magnet setters and custom-built magnetising fixtures.