Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Downhole applications are some of the harshest environments that magnets must perform in and Bunting magnetics provides magnetic solutions that work across this demanding spectrum.

Due to these extreme conditions it is essential that the Oil and Gas industry choses a partner that can source pre-approved materials  and at Bunting we have been making the most of developments in oil and gas ready steels and coatings for many years.

Applications within this sector include;

  • Fully Steel Encapsulated Magnets
  • Steering Motor Drives
  • Pumping Solutions
  • Power Generation
  • Sensors – High Temperature
  • Broken Bit Capture.

For any down hole application, it is absolutely crucial that we are involved at the early stages of design as the physical constraints on the systems play an important role on the magnetic design our in-house design team’s wealth of experience and knowledge can help to minimise total magnet volume and hence cost and our production engineering team can help to reduce assembly time and therefor cost.

Design and Production Advice can include;

  • Back Iron Material and thickness optimisation.
  • Halbach vs classical multi pole performance.
  • Outer Rotor vs inner rotor calculations.
  • Magnetic Stability over temperature ranges.
  • Design for Post assembly magnetising, using the range of standard Bunting Magnetisers.

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