Axial field Solenoid Fixture

Axial Field Solenoids generate a high magnetic field along the bore of the fixture. As most sintered rare earth magnets are anisotropic, these fixtures are perhaps the most common fixture used in the magnetisation industry. The big advantage they can be used for any shape of magnet as long it will fit within the bore of the solenoid with the direction of magnetisation in line with the axis of the coil. As the space around the fixture is not limited as with a multipole fixture, very high fields can be generated if necessary, in excess of 5T.

Depending on the length of the solenoid, multiple magnets can be magnetised on one go, or magnets can be fed into the coil using a continuous feed system. Although most fixtures have a round bore, square or rectangular solenoids can be designed for specific shaped magnets.

Bunting Magnetics Magnetising Equipment


  • 2 Pole magnets or assemblies
  • Loud speaker magnets or assemblies


  • Standard coils for Ferrite, NdFeB or SmCo materials
  • Not magnet shape restricted
  • Compatible with continuous feed Systems


  • Water or air cooling available
  • Over Temperature Trips
Axial Table