Magnets are extensively utilised in the automotive sector due to their unique performance characteristics and as vehicles become more electric, the number of applications within on and off highway vehicles will increase.

Bunting magnetics has a magnetic solution for every current automotive application and is ready to support the magnetic challenges of the future, capitalising on its extensive history in product development and engineering and using technical resources from around the globe.

Bunting Magnetics has been involved in many automotive projects over the last 50 years, a few are listed below however new applications are always been developed, so please contact us for more information.

  • Main Drive Electric Traction Motors
  • High Speed Electric Machines for range extension and turbine energy recovery.
  • Pumping Systems
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems
  • Sensors – Position and Speed.
  • Power Steering
  • Interior Trim
  • High Performance Speaker Systems
  • Engine management and anti-vibration systems.

Product development is ongoing within Bunting and where this is applicable it can lead to cost savings within the life time of the magnet or magnetic assembly.  Typically cost savings can be achieved by magnetising a finished assembly so that the assembly operation is simpler and can be automated and using Buntings range of magnetisers and fixtures these savings can be realised as product volumes increases.

Magnets can be provided with;

  • TS accreditation/
  • PPAP documentation
  • Full part FAIRs
  • Global Site quality audits
  • UK Stock and JIT delivery
  • Global sourcing, UK support and service

The price of magnets can be variable but by utilising our buying power, forward buying and helping to design for multiple materials we can mitigate this impact on your business.