Getting Metal Out of Beer

Craft Beer

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors in a Brewery Thankfully, it is very unlikely that you will ever find a piece of metal in your glass of beer.  However, when tramp metal in the form of screws and nails is accidentally introduced during the brewing process, it damages processing equipment and can even affect the taste of…

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Cub Scouts Attracted to Engineering by Magnets

Europe Cubs

Bunting’s Visit by Northchurch Cubs Berkhamsted A Berkhamsted based Cub Scout group were recently given a tour of their local Bunting Magnetics magnet, magnetic assembly and magnetic separator manufacturing plant.  The 1st Northchurch Cubs were shown how magnets are a fundamental part of everyone’s daily life. The visit comes at a time when industry is…

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Bunting Europe Announces Record Monthly Sales

Continued UK Manufacturing Success for Bunting Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has had two consecutive months of record sales in September and October 2017. The latest announcement of record monthly sales follows a prolonged period of growth.  Sales in 2016 reached a record high for the European operation and in January Bunting announced the acquisition of…

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Magnets Featured in James Bond Movies Part 2

Timothy Dalton v Pierc Brosnan

In the second of our two James Bond blogs, we continue the review of how 007 and his enemies utilise magnets and magnetic forces.  Our first blog concentrated on the eras of Sean Connery and Roger Moore, and in this blog we look at the movies in which Magnets took a starring role alongside Timothy…

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Supporting Tomorrows Engineers Week

The Importance of Developing Future Engineers The UK’s Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (6-10 November 2017) and Bunting Managing Director highlights the need for the development of young engineers.  The organisation identifies that 186,000 people with engineering skills will be needed annually through to 2024. We talk with Simon Ayling (Bunting Europe’s Managing Director) to find out the importance…

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Magnets Featured in James Bond Films Part 1

Sean Connery and Roger Moore

Magnets and magnetic powers often make it into popular culture via the movies.  With all the gadgets and gizmos, James Bond has enlisted the help of the simple magnet on many occasions.  In the first of two blogs, we look at the movies in which Magnets took a starring role alongside Sean Connery and Roger…

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