Cub Scouts Attracted to Engineering by Magnets

By Paul Fears | 27 November 2017

Bunting’s Visit by Northchurch Cubs Berkhamsted

A Berkhamsted based Cub Scout group were recently given a tour of their local Bunting Magnetics magnet, magnetic assembly and magnetic separator manufacturing plant.  The 1st Northchurch Cubs were shown how magnets are a fundamental part of everyone’s daily life.

Bunting club scout visit
Cub Scout Visit

The visit comes at a time when industry is desperately encouraging young people to get into engineering with initiatives like Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

“This was an ideal opportunity to introduce the exciting industry of engineering to a group of enthusiastic young people,” explained Denis Elkins, Bunting’s Quality Assurance Manager.

Bunting introduce scout group to magnets

“Most people do not appreciate that we all rely on magnets every day of our lives.  Magents like Neodymium Rare Earth are a key component in mobile phones, computers, wind turbines that generate clean energy, and family cars.

“It was great to see the Cub’s faces when we demonstrated the strength of some of our magnets.  They could not believe it.  We took them onto the shop floor and showed them how we made magnets and magnetic assemblies.  The young people were fascinated.”

In all 24 cubs visited the Bunting plant along with scout leaders and parents.  As well as the tour, the cubs were shown a video about magnets, given a bag full of ‘magnetic’ goodies and there was a lot of cake!

“Introducing young people to the concept of engineering and manufacturing is vitally important,” explained Denis.  “As an industry, we have a responsibility to encourage events like this, bringing young people into the manufacturing environment to see and experience first-hand the excitement of designing and building engineered components and equipment.  It was a great success and we hope to see them again in the future.”

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Bunting introduce cubs community group to magnetics
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