Matthew Swallow Elected Chair of UK Magnetics Society

By Paul Fears | 11 July 2022

We are excited to announce that Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Sales Manager, has been elected as the Chair of the UK Magnetics Society on a 2-year posting.  This follows his previous election as Vice-Chair in 2021.

Matthew Swallow
Matthew Swallow

The UK Magnetics Society was founded in 1986 and supports magnetics professionals in all fields and countries.  The international membership is drawn from industry, government and academia.

Since 2000, Matthew has gained experience in offering custom engineered solutions across a range of industries, supported by a Masters of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering.  With experience in the Aerospace, Automotive and Plastics industries, Matthew draws upon knowledge from a wide range of successful personal projects when assisting and advising customers on technical magnetics projects.

We caught up with Matthew to discuss this prestigious appointment.

How does it feel to be elected Chair?

It is always special when you are recognised by your peers.  I am immensely proud and appreciate the opportunity to help further grow the Society.

As the new Chair, what are your primary aims?

With magnetic technology playing a key role in so many environmental technologies, including electrified transportation, there is a real opportunity to build our membership. Increased engagement between magnetics experts and users is important to speed up product development. Also, through our conferences and seminars, the UK Magnetics Society provides the perfect platform for engineers to keep abreast of technological developments in the magnetics field.  This builds the link between the commercial and research worlds.

What is the relevance of the UK Magnetics Society in today’s world?

The UK Magnetics Society focuses on promoting ll aspects of magnetic knowledge. The range of magnetic applications is huge and our platform allows cross-pollinating learning from disparate areas of magnetic research. We hope that these connections across research and industry will promote new magnetic concepts to those searching for new or better solutions.

What experience makes you the right person to Chair the UK Magnetics Society?

As long-time members of the UK Magnetics Society, both Bunting and I have personally benefited from attending the events and meeting other members.  Even with over 20 years’ experience in Technical Sales there is still so much to learn, especially as new technology is developed.  However, we need to ensure that our events feature the right mix of research and commercial presentations.  Having attended many previous events, I understand the need for any attendee to justify their presence and I want to demonstrate the personal and commercial value to everyone considering attending.

What is your first objective as Chair?

We need to raise our profile by increasing our engagement on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and connecting with specific sectors of the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.  Broadening our membership and the number of people attending our events will enhance the quality and substance of what we can deliver.

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