Remote Magnetiser Monitoring and Problem Solving

By Paul Fears | 27 July 2022

Bunting has designed, manufactured, and supplied a large Magnetiser and light-guarded Magnetising Fixture to an Italian electronics company.  Prior to despatch, the equipment was subject to a comprehensive two-day factory acceptance test with the customer.

Bunting's Technical Team during the 2-day pre-shipment factory acceptance tests
Bunting’s Technical Team during the 2-day pre-shipment factory acceptance tests

During the factory acceptance tests (FAT), Bunting’s commissioning engineers liaised with every stakeholder at the customer, checking on the operating objectives of the people.

After delivering the Magnetiser and Magnetising Fixture to site, Bunting’s technical team travelled across to Italy for installation and commissioning.  Once completed, the customer confirmed their final approval of the equipment.

Several days after the technical team had returned to the UK, the customer reported a thermocouple fault.  Immediately, Bunting’s locally-based Sales Engineer Stefano Maiaroli reviewed the problem with the customer.  Having a native Italian speaker proved vitally important as Stefano could easily understand the issues and communicate back to Bunting’s internal Technical team in the UK.

Magnetiser Control Panel and Magnetising Fixture
Magnetiser Control Panel and Magnetising Fixture

Bunting’s UK-based technical team remotely dialled into the control panel to assess the error code in both the machine language and Italian.  As soon as was practically possible, Bunting’s technical team and the customer’s onsite engineers held an online meeting to discuss solving the problem.

The Cause of the Fault

During the online meeting, the customer checked the connections in the green thermocouple plug inside the high-voltage connection box on the charger and found one of the wires had worked loose.  Once correctly tightened, the temperature reading stabilised and the fault corrected.

Since solving the problem, the Magnetiser and Magnetising Fixture has run without any further issues.  In the control panel, the historical PLC data identified that the spurious temperature analogue input was a result of the loose connection.

Preventing Future Problems

Bunting’s technical team fully reviews any equipment issues once solved.  In this case, the team made modifications to the way the thermocouple data transfers to the magnetiser, preventing a reoccurrence of the problem in any future project.

Technical engineering projects often experience problems and it is the ability to resolve issues quickly that is paramount.

The quality of service and support that Bunting’s technical team offer to customers in the UK and Europe is one reason for the continued growth in sales of magnetising equipment.

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