33rd Ewing Event: Magnetics in Carbon 2050

By Paul Fears | 14 December 2021

Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Products Manager and Vice Chair of the UK Magnetics Society, reports on the society’s 33rd Ewing Conference held in Warwick, UK in December 2021 and sponsored by Bunting.

This year’s annual event focused on the key role played by magnetics in tackling climate change.  The seminar looked at magnet production and applications, giving ideas on the economic and efficient production of magnets, and their use to create and use electricity in environmentally friendly ways.

Bunting's stand at the 2021 Ewing Event
Bunting’s stand at the 2021 Ewing Event

A Review of the 33rd Ewing Conference – Matthew Swallow

Bunting magnetics Europe personnel Matthew Swallow
Matthew Swallow

The UK Magnetics Society is a society close to my personal and professional heart.  It is where I go to learn more about my specific area of interest in magnetics, as well as immerse myself in associated applications that may create a valuable connection.

The Ewing Event is, perhaps, my favourite of the year, mixing the highly technical with equal measures of social interaction that inevitable results in my interest being piqued and closer relationships being developed and, this year, was no exception.

Smaller and a little different to normal, it was still a great day and everyone attending was glad to be back in person.

Low Carbon is a topic on everyone’s minds.  Magnetics are a key tool to solving that problem.  It was great to be taken right to the start of the magnet production process to enlighten the audience on just what sustainability means and how this concept affects the short- and long-term view of magnets in green tech.

The presentation from Carlo Burkhardt of Pforzheim University on the EU-funded SUSMAGPRO project was particularly of interest with our [Bunting’s] involvement.  Watch out for exciting news in 2022!

Once again, the Ewing Event demonstrated that if you have an interest in any element of magnetics then membership of the UK Magnetics Society community will enhance your personal and professional life.

33rd Ewing Event: Magnetics in Carbon 2050

Presentation Programme

  • https://www.gknautomotive.com/Could Commercial Fusion Energy be the Vaccine that Stops Global Warming in its Tracks?  Damian Hampshire of Durham University
  • Extracting Energy from Marine Tidal Streams using Kite Systems (Virtual Presentation).  David Collier of Minesto UK Ltd
  • Managing Rare Earth Risk – Substitution Strategies Must be Part of the Answer.  Andrew Hine of GreenSpur Wind Ltd
  • Critical Materials and Circular Opportunities (Virtual Presentation).  Dave Peck of Delft University of Technology & UCL
  • SUSMAGPRO – A European Initiative to Make Magnets More Sustainable (Virtual Presentation).  Carlo Burkhardt of Pforzheim University
  • Mkango Resources – Rare Earths from the Warm Heart of Africa.  William Dawes of Mkango Resources
  • Responding to the Strategic Materials Ramp Up: Reduce, Replace or Recycle?  Jon Regnart of Advanced Propulsion Centre
  • Recycling of Rare Earth Magnets from Consumer Goods at End of Life.  Rob Chaddock of EMR Group
  • Why the Green Road Begins in the Brown Earth.  Gareth Hatch of Strategic Materials Advisors Ltd
  • Rare Earth Materials in Automotive Traction Drives – a view from Tier 1.  Sean Worrall of GKN Automotive

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