Magnets in Santa’s Workshop

By Paul Fears | 22 December 2021

Santa Claus has never been busier. Material shortages, transportation issues and inflated prices have stretched his elf workforce to the limits. His workshop is a hive of activity and, in amongst the organised chaos, magnets play an important role. So where are they?

Bunting Santa's workshop magnet toys

High Tech Toys use Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Santa Claus received a lot of letters asking for new gaming computers, headphones, speakers, and other tech toys. To build these, his elves need loads of high-strength neodymium rare earth magnets.  Computers, headphones, speakers, and other tech items all rely on neodymium magnets in order to function.

Holding Magnets on his Notice Boards

The workshop walls are lined with white noticeboards, providing vital information for the elves such as which children have been good or naughty, where they live, and the toys that have been requested. Notices, building instructions, and letters to Santa are held on the boards using super-strength holding magnets. The magnets also help securely display an enormous world map which Santa uses to plan his Christmas Eve route.

Big Presents Moved with Electromagnetic Lifters

With ‘Elf and Safety’ being paramount in Santa’s workshop, there are strict guidelines with regards to lifting heavy items. Thankfully, a Magnetic Lifter is at hand, using powerful magnetic forces to pick up both heavy items and presents in specially made metal boxes to safely carry them across the enormous workshop and onto the back of the sleigh.

Safely Keep Doors Open

With everyone rushing around, especially as Christmas Eve edges ever closer, it is important to keep all the walkways clear and open. Carefully located Magnetic Door Stops keep doors securely in place and prevent them from suddenly blowing or slamming shut. And, being exceptionally powerful, not even the gustiest North Pole wind will be able to move a door out of place!

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