Record Year for Magnetising Equipment Sales

By Paul Fears | 11 January 2022

Sales of Magnetising Equipment in 2021 hit an all-time record high for Bunting’s Berkhamsted, UK operation.  The success is the result of ongoing development of a wide range of bench-top and industrial magnetisers, as well as magnet setters.

A BMC Industrial Magnet Charger designed & built by Bunting for an Italian customer
A BMC Industrial Magnet Charger designed & built by Bunting for an Italian customer

Magnetiser Development

Bunting is unique as a company designing and manufacturing both magnetising equipment and magnets.  The combined engineering capability enables a greater understanding of the customer requirements when designing a magnetising system for a magnet or magnet assembly.

Bunting’s magnetising technology has evolved rapidly in response to customer requirements in recent years.  The increased accuracy of magnetisation has driven the development of a wide range of purpose-built magnetising fixtures and magnet setters.  An increasing number of overseas projects, where shipment is via air, led the UK-based engineering team to redesign the main control panel to meet the strict transport regulations.

Applications Drive Magnetiser Design

Each magnetiser project involves bespoke development from a standard core design.  Industrial Magnetisers (BMC Series) meet the higher energy demands of the some of the more complex industrial applications.  The modular construction allows these magnetisers to produce a wide range of energy levels with different voltage and capacitance configurations to suit specific application, and with multiple magnetising fixture outputs.

A BMC Industrial Magnet Charger designed & built by Bunting for an Italian customer
A BMC Industrial Magnet Charger designed & built by Bunting for an Italian customer

The BMCL Series is ideally suited for laboratories or small-part production.  Magnetising fixtures are placed for operation on the workbench area on top of the unit, and are either hard wired in for permanent installations or connected by quick release plugs for environments where many different fixtures may be used.

Industrial magnetisers - BMCL Bench Top Magnetiser
BMCL Bench Top Magnetiser

In 2021, the magnetiser applications have included magnets for acoustic movers and shakers, automotive direct drive machines, electric turbocharges, high torque linear electric drivers, rotary position sensors, transformer cores and missile fin actuation motors.

2021 Demand for Magnetising

The success in 2021 was the culmination of an engineering and sales driven strategy of product and market development.  In the year, Bunting designed and built twice as many magnetising systems compared with previous years.

In addition, Bunting built thrice as many Magnet Setters, machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets.  The magnet setters utilise capacitor discharge technology to generate a pulsed magnetic field followed by a demagnetising field inside the fixture bore to set a magnet to a specific magnetic field.

Bunting magnet test and development centre investment - magnet setter
Magnet Setter

“Bunting’s engineering team has worked tirelessly to understand the changing requirements of our customers,” explained Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Products Manager.  “The end result is a flexible and modular magnetising system.  The development does not stop here, as we will continue to evolve with our customers.”

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