Matthew Swallow Elected UK Magnetics Society Vice Chair

By Paul Fears | 01 June 2021

Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Technical Product Manager, has been elected Vice Chair of the UK Magnetics Society.  Matthew was first elected as a committee member in 2018 and joins new Chair Ellie Galanis from Paragraf Ltd on the new executive committee.

Matthew Swallow
Matthew Swallow

The UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields or countries.  The international membership is drawn from industry, government and academia.

Since 2000, Matthew has gained experience in offering custom engineered solutions across a range of industries, supported by a Masters of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering.  With experience in the Aerospace, Automotive and Plastics industries, Matthew draws upon knowledge from a wide range of successful personal projects when assisting and advising customers on technical magnetics projects.

Matthew joined Bunting in May 2012 and has been instrumental in the growth of contracts involving bespoke and complex magnet assemblies, and the design and application of specific and often specialist magnet materials including neodymium and samarium cobalt.  Recently, Matthew has been working with a wide range of companies on post-assembly magnetisation, a technique that enables the safer and more accurate magnetisation of magnet assemblies.

“This is a real honour,” said Matthew.  “I believe that magnetism in all its forms is an amazing force, and that by understanding and harnessing it we can deliver amazing things.  This belief is shared by the UK Magnetics Society and, as Vice-Chair, I want to highlight the advantages and possibilities of magnetic technology and encourage industry experts to join and support us at the UK Magnetics Society.”

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