The Magnetics Show Tours Bunting’s European Operations

By Paul Fears | 18 April 2023

Alex Oliver and Troy Garrick, Event Director and Exhibition Manager, respectively, of The Magnetics Show North America, recently visited Bunting’s UK operations in Redditch and Berkhamsted.  Alex and Troy were on a fact-finding mission about Bunting, the employer of one of the event’s founding advisory board members, Matthew Swallow.

The Magnetics Show visits Bunting
Troy Garrick outside Bunting’s Berkhamsted facility

Both Alex and Troy said that they were ‘blown away by the immensity of the machinery and highly technical processes used’.

At Bunting’s Berkhamsted facility, Alex and Troy saw the diverse range of magnetic solutions, from millimetre-sized neodymium magnet assemblies to large industrial magnetiser systems for the automotive sector.  At Berkhamsted, Bunting is the only company in the world to design magnet and magnet assemblies as well as magnetising solutions.  This combined expertise has aided the development of industry-specific manufacturing techniques such as post-assembly magnetisation of complex magnet assemblies.

The technology changed significantly when Alex and Troy visited Bunting’s Redditch facility, which focuses on metal separation and detection.  Magnetic separators and metal detectors separate and detect metal and are used in a diverse range of process industries, including recycling, mining, plastics, and food.  Bunting’s globally leading Customer Experience Centre at Redditch is home to a complete range of high-intensity magnetic separators for testing a wide range of secondary materials and minerals.

The Magnetics Show visits Bunting
Troy at Bunting-Berkhamsted

The Magnetics Show

The Magnetics Show North America (May 22-24, 2024, Pasadena Convention Centre, Pasadena, California, USA) is a commercially focused meeting point for leading global magnet suppliers.  The show claims to be ‘the one-stop shop for buying industries to find their magnetic solutions for applications!’.  The show plans to have over 100 exhibitors and over 50 industry expert speakers at two technical conferences.

Founding advisory board member of the show, Matthew Swallow, is Bunting’s Technical Product Manager and the Chairman of the UK Magnetics Society.

“This is a great honour to be asked to support a worthwhile event in an industrial sector that needs significant development is 2050 targets are to be achieved,” explained Matthew.  “A show of this nature will showcase the great capabilities already in the magnet supply chain but will also highlight the areas missing and provide a platform for discussing how to fill these gaps.  I am very much looking forward to attending the event on behalf of the UK Magnetics Society alongside Bunting.”

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