Bunting’s European Sales Reach Record High

By Paul Fears | 09 January 2023

Magnet and magnetics specialist Bunting-Berkhamsted reported record sales for 2022.  The operation, which includes online magnet retailer eMagnets, and soft magnetics specialist MagDev, saw sales growth across the product portfolio, particularly in bespoke magnet assemblies and magnetising equipment.

“Increasing our sales in a year of material shortages and price increases reflects the number of specialist projects our team has worked on in 2022,” said Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director. “Establishing oversees technical sales offices in Europe and exhibiting at international events has boosted our presence overseas and generated new business.”

Matthew Swallow in discussion in Italia
Matthew Swallow in discussion with visitors at Coiltech Italia

Designing Magnetic Solutions

The demand for bespoke designed magnet assemblies and magnetising equipment has never been higher.  Bunting’s technical team continues to develop new technology and change manufacturing processes to harness magnetic properties.

At Berkhamsted, Bunting is unique in designing both magnetic assembles and magnetisers.  This combination of expertise has driven advances in both technologies.

Post-assembly magnetisation of technical magnet assemblies for aerospace and automotive applications provides the ability to meet tighter specifications, in terms of magnetic strength and field shape. 

Magnetising Equipment Sales
A BMC Industrial Magnet Charger designed & built by Bunting for an Italian customer

The continued evolution of magnetisers, both industrial and bench-top, is driving an increase in export sales.  Designed and built at the Berkhamsted plant, the magnetisers are used by companies involved in manufacturing electronics and electronic equipment, as well as in the automotive sector.

A Positive Outlook for 2023

“We [Bunting] have seen sales growth across a wide range of products from standard magnets to the more specialised industrial magnetisers,” said Simon.  “As 2022 closed, our engineers were working on a higher number of specialist projects than 12 months previously, which bodes very well for a strong 2023.”

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