Magnetising & Testing

Magnetising & Testing

As a long standing manufacturer of permanent magnets, Bunting Berkhamsted has its own large magnetising facility which we can offer as a service for the magnetisation of customer’s products.

For the prototyping of new products we can build prototype fixtures capable of magnetising small volumes of samples or full production fixtures when volumes increase. Certain types of prototype fixture can be upgraded to production fixtures at a later stage to reduce cost.

All our production fixtures are water cooled and are automatically programmed to the run at the correct operating voltage by the magnet charger for quality control purposes. Certain magnets require to be magnetised with poles aligned with some feature on the magnets. The magnetising fixtures can be error proofed to guarantee the alignment of the poles.
The Quality Control Department also has an extensive range of magnetic testing equipment which is available for the testing of customer’s magnetic products.

Apart from standard CMM equipment we have:

  • Automatic Hysteresisgraph – capable of measuring the BH curves of permanent magnet sample between room temperature and 180°C.
  • Helmholtz coils and integrating Fluxmeters – for measuring total magnetic flux or magnetic moment, or angle of magnetisation
  • Gaussmeters with axial and radial field hall probes for measuring magnetic flux density
  • Rotary Scanner for measuring the surface flux density of multipole ring magnets

In addition we can design and manufacture custom made test rigs for the measurement of specific magnet parameters for low or high volume applications.

Our Magnetiser Range:

High Energy Industrial Range


Laboratory/Bench Top Magnetisers

Machines for magnetising and setting permanent magnets

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation

Custom Built Magnetising Fixtures - Including Automation