Bunting Sponsor 31st Ewing Event

By Paul Fears | 29 October 2018

UK Magnetics Society – ‘Potential Trends in Magnetics’

Bunting Magnetics has been announced as the headline sponsor of this year’s 31st Ewing Event (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, UK, 28th November 2018).  The annual event is organised by the UK Magnetics Society.  This year’s theme focuses on the future, assessing what magnet developments may occur in the next 30 years.

The UK Magnetics Society is a not-for-profit mutual organisation supporting magnetics professionals in all fields and all countries.  The Ewing Event is one of the highlights of the ‘magnet’ calendar.  Key speakers for this year’s event include

  • Dr Steve Constantinides
  • Dr Pascale Deen
  • Prof Jan Sykulski
  • Prof Robert Lee
  • Dr Dave OudeNijeweme
  • Prof Barrie Mecrow
  • Mr Mark Cichuta
  • Seagate Technologies Ltd

The guest speaker is actor and broadcaster Robert Llewellyn.  He is best known for playing Kryten in the television series Red Dwarf and for presenting the All 4 series Scrapheap Challenge.

“As the leading magnet and magnetic technology company operating in the United Kingdom, we felt that is was important to support the Ewing Event,” explained Simon Ayling, Managing Director of Bunting Magnetics.

“Magnetic technology is fundamental to our everyday lives.  Further technological development in magnetics will have enormous implications on our environment.  Magnets reduce energy consumption and produce energy.   It is an exciting time to be involved in the sector.”

The Ewing Event has a full day of technical presentations, the evening Ewing Lecture, and an informal dinner.  Registration for the event can be made online on the UK Magnetics Society website.

Bunting Magnetics specialises in providing magnetic solutions.  They also sell a wide range of magnets and magnetic components online via their eMagnets UK brand.

For further information on bespoke magnet designs and magnetiser assemblies, please contact us:

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