Engineering Excellence at the Engineering Design Show

By Paul Fears | 22 October 2018

Magnetic Technology Attracts Visitors

The depth of British engineering and manufacturing expertise was apparent at this year’s Engineering Design Show (Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK, 17-18 October 2018).  For Bunting, the show provided a great opportunity to showcase magnet expertise.

Magnetic Technology Attracts Visitors

“Engineering magnetic solutions is such a specialist area,” explained Matthew Swallow, Bunting’s Magnet Applications Engineer.  “We wanted to highlight that we have an UK-based engineering team vastly experienced in designing and applying magnetic technology.”

The 2-day event had a steady footfall of visitors.  Interviews with exhibitors were shown live on large screens.  There were also several conference areas with a wide range of engineering topics being discussed.

“Magnetic technology is fundamental in the design of so many products,” said Matthew.  “We have worked on design projects with many of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies in the automotive, electronics, and environmental sectors.”

As highlighted in a blog published earlier in 2018 entitled ‘Offices Would No Longer Function Without Magnets‘, the use of magnets in the industry is ever-increasing.

“In terms of design, we discussed two specific areas.  One was designing magnetic assemblies like the injection moulded plastic magnet assembly we had on display.  By redesigning that particular magnet assembly, we reduced the cost by around 90%,” explained Matthew.

“The second area is designing magnetisers that can accurately charge and measure the field of a magnet or magnetic assembly.  This is crucial when needing a magnet to produce a specific field at a given point.  Both the magnetic assemblies and the magnetisers are designed and manufactured in the UK.”  Additional photographs can be seen in the collection ‘Bunting Magnetic Assemblies at Engineering Design Show 2018‘.

Bunting Magnetics specialises in providing magnetic solutions.  They also sell a wide range of magnets and magnetic components online via their eMagnets UK brand.

For further information on bespoke magnet designs and magnetiser assemblies, please contact us:

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