Magnetic Latches

Magnetic Latches suitable for furniture and for industrial use

Magnetic catches, latches, doorstops and magnetically receptive counter plates are used for a whole range of furniture based applications and they are all available from Bunting Magnetics. There is also a range of magnetic catches that is specifically suited to industrial applications that operate at high temperatures.

If you are looking for the absolute best in magnetic Latches, then the Bunting Elite Range is the one you need. This range is perfectly suited to areas such as bespoke kitchens, made to measure cabinets, other bespoke furniture and even custom built boats and ships. Particularly where the bespoke kitchen market is concerned and a really high quality finish is desired, the Elite latches really are excellent. This range of latches are able to work through air gaps, so because the surfaces don’t need to meet, the operation is silent. To top off the overall quality of the product, they are also really simple to install.

Although our Elite range is the cream of the crop, all of the other magnetic catches from Bunting are still made to the highest standards and full of quality. As with the Elite range, they can be used in a host of applications and environments such as in the home, in the office, other places of work, in public buildings and indeed in boats and other moving applications. With cupboards, displays, boards, panels and frames being just some of the furniture applications these catches are used in, they really are versatile. If you have certain requirements such as needing to keep a door or cupboard closed or perhaps to keep a door open (door stops) you can use our Bunting catches to do the job.

Bunting Magnetics has been manufacturing its range of magnetic catches for more than 50 years and throughout that time, the range has grown and has become one of the most comprehensive and complete catch ranges in the whole of Europe. All of the catches from Bunting come with counter plates. However, there are no screws or other fixings provided.

The Elite Range

High quality catches from Bunting Magnetics designed in a contemporary style and aimed specifically for the bespoke furniture market.

Such is the design of this Elite range of catches that soft close dampers can be combined with standard butt hinges and they can be either surface mounted or flush mounted underneath the wood surface (knock in) depending on the chosen design. Operation is almost silent and very smooth thanks to their ability to function over an air gap.

Some of the catches in this range feature a beautifully finished metal cover which actually hides the surface of the magnet inside. Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing on the eye and perfectly suited to the high quality bespoke furniture market it is tailored towards. Depending on the version ordered, the maximum possible holding force achievable varies between 1kg and 8kg.

Such is the eye pleasing quality of this Elite Range of magnetic catches that it can elevate the appearance and functionality of impressively designed cabinets and other furniture even further. Customers are likely to be amazed when they lay their eyes on the beautifully finished surface mounted metal catches or those that are totally flush while managing to be subtle and discrete at the same time – and not forgetting that near silent magnetic operation as the catch works over any present air gap.

The flush Elite magnetic catches can be used in conjunction with a soft close device, delivering a modern touch to a more traditional product and is ideal for those who prefer butt hinges that are more traditional in style.

Another feature of these catches is the buffer present between the catch and steel counter plate. This delivers a secure but very quiet close – perfectly suited to customers looking to install catches that operate gently with very little in the way of rattle and shake. Smooth, modern lines and no sign of any fixing holes or ugly poles sticking out all contribute to the overall appeal of the catch.

The surface mounted magnetic catches in the Elite Range are beautifully streamlined, with any pole pieces or fixings tucked away, nicely out of sight. With no intimate contact needed with the counter plate, the almost silent operation is a much sought after feature that is present because the catch can work with an air gap between. The performance superlatives don’t end there, however, because these particular catches will go some way to preventing bowing doors and even where some bowing is present, the silky smooth action of the catch will continue. Available in a variety of finishes, including black nickel, brass and chrome with holding forces varying between 2kg, 5kg and 8kg.

The 2kg and 5kg versions of the surface mounted Elite Catches have adjustable brackets available. The first option involves screwing the catch to the adjustable bracket with an end result of an increased overall height of 3mm. This option also gives a back to front adjustment range of 4mm-5mm. The bracket itself is effectively hidden from view by a combination of the catch and strategic positioning inside the cabinet. The other option delivers and extra 15mm to the operating height of the catch and therefore sidestepping the need to use a wooden mounting block which is a really good option for situations where the inside edge of the cabinet is at a different position to the door frame. This particular option also provides a front to back adjustment of about 5mm.

One of the main features of the Elite Flush Magnet Range from Bunting Magnetics is how the beautifully made catches are hidden from view. The nature of the fittings mean they can fit flush to any door or frame whilst holding in-frame doors both quietly and very securely. There are options to mount them in such a way for them to be visible but when mounting them sub-flush, they will be completely hidden from sight. As is common with all magnets, the larger the distance between the catch and the counter plate, the weaker the attractive force is. With the exception of the IF2K Knock-In model which can be tapped into position quite easily, we recommend that all other flush magnets should be bonded into their relevant fixing holes with an appropriate contact adhesive.