The use of plastic bonded magnets in motors and generators is probably the largest field of application for these materials.

Advantages of plastic bonded magnets in motors;

  • Reduced weight compared to Sintered NdFeB
  • Reduced Size and Improved Performance compared to Ferrite Magnets
  • Higher efficiency through Lower Eddy Current Losses compared to Sintered Magnets
  • Post assembly magnetising
  • Single component design with built in skew

Motors and Generators have taken advantage of the off-tool net shape, isotropic magnetic properties and cost-efficient tooling afforded by BREMAG in sizes ranging from 2g to 500g!

The correct design sees the use of Bremag 10 in many applications such as large generators for hybrid industrial vehicles, high speed rotating motor magnets (60k rpm+) used in desktop scanners and tiny drills for medical applications all ranging in operating temperatures from -50 to 180 degrees C.

In some cases, it is possible to overprint a commutating field pattern over a region of the driving poles on a magnet to offer a single component magnet and commutator.