Magnetically Fanning Sheet Metal but How?

By chameleon | 11 February 2016

Handling and prying apart ferrous metal sheets can be difficult especially if they are oily or polished.  The Metal Sheet Fanner uses magnetic forces to induce a magnetic field into the ferrous metal sheets, creating magnetic poles that then repel each other.  This then causes the end of the metal sheets to ‘fan’, enabling fabricators and operators to then easily select one sheet at a time.

Magnetic sheet fanning
Magneti Sheet Fanner

There are different models, sizes and designs to suit a wide range of Metal Sheet sizes and operation environments.  These include:

  • Standard Sheet Fanners for manual handling operations;
  • Sheet Fanners for use on robotic lines that can be turned on and off;
  • Machine mounted Sheet Fanners;
  • Pivoting Sheet Fanners which are ideal for irregular shaped parts;

Bunting displayed and demonstrated the Magnetic Sheet Fanners at the Southern Manufacturing show in Farnborough, UK and shot a video showing a simple demonstration showing how a Magnetic Sheet Fanner works.

YouTube player

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