A Record 2015, but Concerns About 2016?

By chameleon | 08 January 2016

Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director, has recently been discussing another record year for sales at the Berkhamsted UK based Magnet, Magnetic Assembly and Magnetic Separator manufacturer, but are there concerns for 2016?

Simon Ayling Bunting's European Managing Director
Simon Ayling

“We [Bunting] have had several really strong years of growth, but the recent global economic developments do give us cause for concern.  The PRW magazine has just reported that the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is concerned about the outlook for UK manufacturers, an opinion that appears to continually crop up in the media,” said Simon.

“Only this week, as reported by BBC News, turbulence in the Chinese stock market has sent waves of uncertainty across the globe.  Will this have an effect on business confidence in Europe?  Well, you have to say that it will.  Already we are working with customers in the recycling sector who are having to manage their businesses with a far lower income due to falling metal prices.  The ripples of economic uncertainty will reach other industrial sectors as well.”

“However, the market has been challenging since 2008 and UK manufacturers just need to focus on what we do well and strive for continual improvement and innovation.  Last year we launched a new Magnetic Separator for Stainless Steel and this year we will be looking to launch new products from our Magnet, Magnetic Assembly and Magnetic Separation product ranges.  Expanding into new markets is also important and we are developing our export sales channels in Europe as there are significant opportunities despite the economic climate.”

Simon added, “Every year brings different challenges, but also opportunities.  To maintain growth is probably harder now than in recent living memory, but with creative thinking and a clear plan, we expect to continue our sales expansion.”

Simon welcomes comments from other UK Manufacturers on the outlook for 2016 which can then be shared.  Please post these below.

For further information on Simon Ayling’s thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing UK Manufacturers in 2016, please contact him by email on sayling@bunting-berkhamsted.com.

Further information on Bunting Magnetics can be found on their website.

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